Call for gathering to defend academic freedom


Madam, – There is now a serious threat to academic freedom, Irish scholarship and indeed, Irish democracy, arising from the proposed implementation of the Croke Park Deal in third-level institutions. The right to permanency and tenure to retirement age is the bedrock on which academic freedom rests.

This is now under threat.

The imposition of managerialist structures and business models is to be greatly intensified. These proposals have far wider consequences than worsening of conditions of service, though this is extremely serious and related to the above matters.

We, the undersigned, call for a public gathering open to all academics on Saturday, January 22nd at 2pm in Gresham Hotel, Dublin, to express opposition to these threats and to inform the public of their consequences. – Yours, etc,

Profe TOM GARVIN (Retired), Political Science, UCD; Prof JIM McKERNAN, College of Education, University of East Carolina; Prof (Emeritus) JJA HEFFRON, MRIA, (Former Governing Body Member, UCC Former Chairman, NUI Convocation) Department of Biochemistry UCC; Prof STEVEN HEDLEY, Dept of Law, UCC; An tOllamh MATT HUSSEY, Emeritus, Iar-stiúrithóir, Dámh na hEolaiochta, DIT; Dr KATHLEEN LYNCH, Prof of Equality Studies, UCD; Dr HELENA SHEEHAN, Prof Emeritus, DCU; Dr CATHY LEENEY, Lecturer in drama Studies, UCD; Prof GARY HENEHAN, Head of School of Food Science and Environmental Health, DIT; Prof THERESA URBAINCZYK, School of Classics, UCD; Prof LUKE GIBBONS, NUIM; Prof Emeritus STEPHEN MENNELL, School of Sociology, UCD; Prof GRAHAM ALLEN, Modern English, UCC; Dr JOHN WADDELL, MRIA, Prof of Archaeology, NUIG; Prof WILLIAM O’BRIEN, Archaeology, UCC; An tOllamh MÁIRÍN Ní DHONNCHADHA, Prof of Old and Middle Irish, NUIG; An tOllamh ALAN TITLEY, Gaeilge, UCC; MARY GALLAGHER, Associate Prof of French Studies, UCD; Dr DERMOT BARNES-HOLMES, Prof of Psychology, NUIM; Dr ANNE LODGE Principal, Church of Ireland College of Education; Dr LILLIS Ó LAOIRE, Ceann Scoil na dTeangacha na Litríochtaí agus na gCultúr, Ollscoil na hÉireann Gaillimh; PETER SMITH, Emeritus Prof, Microbiology, NUIG; Prof Dr PETER HERRMANN, Director, ESOSC, UCC; Prof EILEEN DREW, School of Computer Science and Statistics, TCD; Prof MICHAEL CRONIN MRIA (DCU); Dr THOMAS UNGER, Lecturer, School of Mathematical Sciences, UCD; Dr KEVIN FARRELL, Lecturer in Computing, IT Blanchardstown; Dr PAUL O’BRIEN, Lecturer, Aesthetics / Cultural Theory, NCAD; Dr COLMAN ETCHINGHAM, Dept of History NUIM; MARNIE HOLBOROW, Lecturer, DCU; ENDA F FALLON, Senior Lecturer in Industrial Engineering, College of Engineering and Informatics, NUIG; Dr BRENDAN GUILFOYLE, Lecturer in Mathematics, IT Tralee; Dr MARIE-ANNICK DESPL-ANQUES, Dept of Folklore Ethnology, UCC; Dr JOHN CUNNINGHAM, Lecturer in History, School of Humanities, NUIG; Dr JUSTIN CARVILLE, Lecturer, Historical Theoretical Studies in Photography, IADT; Dr HUGH GIBBONS, Lecturer in Computing, TCD; MICHAEL MARY MURPHY, Lecturer in Management, Music Industry, IADT; Dr CLAAS ROEVER, Lecturer in Mathematics, NUIG; MADEEHA KHALID, Lecturer in Mathematics, St Patricks College, Drumcondra; Dr RUSSELL HIGGS, Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematical Sciences, UCD; Dr ELAINE SISSON, Senior Lecturer, School of Creative Arts, IADT; Dr DEIRDRE CURRAN, JE Cairnes School of Business Economics, NUIG; Dr KEVIN MELLON, Engineering Lecturer, IT Blanchardstown; Dr KEVIN RYAN, School of Political Science Sociology, NUIG; RÓNÁN KENNEDY, School of Law, NUIG; Dr DÍÓG O CONNELL, Lecturer, IADT; Dr JAMES O’SHEA, School of Philosophy, UCD; Dr MAEVE CONNOLLY, Lecturer in Film and Animation, IADT; DORE FISCHER, Lecturer in German and Intercultural Studies, School of Languages, DIT; Dr JOSEPHINE A BOLAND, Senior Lecturer, School of Education, NUIG; Dr TOM ANDREWS, Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, UCC; Dr SHANE WHELAN, Actuary, UCD School of Mathematical Sciences; Dr DONNCHA KAVANAGH, Senior Lecturer in Management, UCC; Dr DAVID MILLAR, Research Associate, Educational Research Centre, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra; Dr TIMOTHY MOONEY, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy, UCD; An Dochtúir STIOFÁN Ó CADHLA Ceann Roinne, Roinn an Bhéaloidis, Folklore, Ethnology, UCC; Dr JOHN O’SULLIVAN, Lecturer in Civil Engineering, UCD; ALAN GILMER, Dept of Envir Planning, DIT; Dr EABHNAT NÍ FHLOINN Director, Maths Learning Centre, DCU; LISA MCELLIGOTT, Lecturer, IT Tralee; Dr PAUL MICHAEL GARRETT, School of Political Science Sociology, NUIG; Dr JAVIER ARAMAYONA, Lecturer in Mathematics, NUIG; ANN SHINE, Lecturer, IT Tralee; Dr JÜRGEN UHLICH, Lecturer in Early Irish, TCD; JAMES CARBERRY, Lecturer in Culinary Arts, College or Arts and Tourism, DIT; Dr SARAH PARLANE, School of Economics, UCD; ALICE FELDMAN, Lecturer, UCD School of Sociology; PADDY HEALY, Lecturer in Physics, Former President, TUI; FRANK BANNISTER, Senior Lecturer in Information Systems, School of Computer Science and Statistics, TCD; TERESA WILLS, Lecturer, School of Nursing and Midwifery, UCC; Dr MARY C BOOTH, Lecturer in Biotechnology and Toxicology, Athlone IT; PETER MURRAY, Lecturer in Sociology NUI Maynooth; GERALDINE O’DONNELL, PHd Student, UCD School of Geography Environmental Policy; Dr PARVANEH MOKARIAN-TABARI, Post DoctoralResearcher, Dept of Chemistry UCC; Dr BRIAN HANLEY, Lecturer in History, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra; Dr JAMES FAIRHEAD, Dept of Management Marketing, UCC; Dr DETTA DICKINSON, Dept of Mathematics, NUIM; Dr PAUL FARRELL, Lecturer in Mathematics IT Tallaght; GABRIEL CORCORAN, Lecturer in Engineering, DIT; MARY ROSE DAY, Lecturer in Nursing, UCC; GERALDINE MERNAGH, Lecturer in Education and Literacy, WIT; Dr HOLGER FALTER, Lecturer, School of Architecture, Landscape and Civil Engineering,UCD; Dr LORANNE VALLELY, Equality Officer, IT Carlow; JACINTA McKEON, Lecturer in Second Language Education, UCC; PAT AHERN, Lecturer, Dept of Mathematics, Cork Institute of Technology; Dr FRANK M FLANAGAN, Senior lecturer in Education (retd.), Mary Immaculate College, University of Limerick; DENIS MANLEY, Lecturer in Computing, DIT; Dr PAUL ROBINSON, Mathematics Lecturer, IT Tallaght; Dr YVONNE BARNES-HOLMES, Psychology, NUIM; CIARAN TAYLOR, Lecturer of Mathematics, IT Tallaght; MATT DISKIN, Lecturer in Communications, IT Carlow; DONAL O’TOOLE, Lecturer Electronic Engineering, IT Tallaght; SUSANNA NOCCHI, Lecturer, School of Languages, DIT; GERALD MILLS, Senior Lecturer, School of Geography, Planning Environmental Policy, UCD; ALEC QUINN, Lecturer in Construction, Limerick Institute of Technology; ANTONIO CAFOLLA, Lecturer in Music, Conservatory of Music and Drama, DIT; TONY HANLON, Lecturer in Languages Interpersonal Communications, IT Tralee; Dr RAY LYNCH, Lecturer in Computer Engineering, DIT; ANNE MURPHY, Lecturer in Business Information Systems, IT Blanchardstown; Dr SUE NORTON, Lecturer in English, DIT;FIONA BRODERICK, Lecturer in Languages, IT Tallaght; Dr ROLAND ERNE, Lecturer in International Comparative Employment Relations, School of Business, UCD; CLAUS DERENDA, Lecturer in German, English, Communications, IT Carlow; SIMON QUINN, Lecturer in Accounting Finance, IT Tralee; KATHERINE WEST, Head of Department of Art Design, GMIT; PAUL TOBIN, Distinguished Author, Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, DIT; PATRICK CAMPBELL, Lecturer, Letterkenny IT; Dr DAVID BRANCALEONE, Lecturer, Critical and Contextual Studies, Limerick School of Art and Design, Limerick IT; Dr SABINA STAN, Lecturer in Sociology, School of Nursing, DCU; PAMELA SHARKEY SCOTT, Lecturer, DIT; STEPHEN WRIGHT, Lecturer in Computing, Letterkenny IT; JAMES McGIVERN, Lecturer in Engineering, Galway-Mayo IT; KEVIN O’FARRELL, Lecturer in Electrical Engineering, DIT Dr MARY ROCHE, Department of Geography, UCC; Dr CORA STACK, Lecturer in Mathematics, IT Tallaght; Dr ROSSEN IVANOV, Lecturer in Mathematics, DIT; BERNIE SHERLOCK, Lecturer in Music, DIT; ANTAINE Ó FARACHÁIN, Léachtoir i nGaeilge, DIT; Dr JAMES WALSH, Lecturer in Physics, DIT MARY REID, Department of Hotel and Tourism Management, GMIT; RICHARD HEYWOOD JONES, Lecturer in Economics and Entrepreneurship, DIT; ITA COGHLAN, Lecturer in Leisure Event Management, DIT; Dr S HARRIS, Lecturer, School of Languages, DIT; MAGGIE RONAYNE, Head of Archaeology (Acting), NUI Galway; NORA Ní FHLATHARTA, Department of Electrical Electronic Engineering, Limerick IT; MARY GILMARTIN, Lecturer in Geography, NUIM; MICHEÁL O FEARGHAÍL , Lecturer in Electronic Engineering, DIT; Dr DEBRA FERN LAEFER, Lecturer in School of Architecture, Landscape and Civil Engineering, UCD; PIARAS Mac EINRI, Lecturer, Department of Geography UCC, Member of Governing Body; MARTIN MARJORAM, Lecturer in Mathematics, IT Tallaght; Dr PAULA GILLIGAN IADT; Dr CLARE O’HALLORAN, School of History, UCC; PAT McCORMACK, Head of School of Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dundalk IT; Dr MICHAEL CARR, Lecturer in Mathematics, DIT; Dr DAVID O’BRIEN, Lecturer in Physics, DIT; Dr LAURENCE COX, Lecturer in Sociology, NUI Maynooth; Dr KELLY DAVIDSON, Lecturer in Humanities, IADT; Dr THOMAÉ KAKOULI-DUARTE, Lecturer in Biosciences, IT Carlow; JAMES MURPHY, Programme Chairman, Department of Bar Meat Management, DIT; MARTIN O’GRADY Lecturer in psychology, IT Tralee; BARRY MCINTYRE, Lecturer in Marketing, IADT; Dr TOM DOOLEY, Senior Lecturer in Civil and Environmental Engineering, Dundalk IT; Dr AUDE DOODY, Lecturer in Classics, School of Classics,UCD; Dr EMER NOLAN, Dept of English, NUIM; Dr JOE POWER, Lecturer in Pharmacology, WIT; FRANK DOYLE, Lecturer in Computing, DIT; Dr KATHERINE O’DONNELL Director, Women’s Studies Centre, UCD; Dr DIARMUID Ó SÉ, Senior Lecturer, Computing and Networking Department, IT Carlow; Dr PAULINE MELLON, Senior Lecturer, School of Mathematical Sciences, UCD; IRENE McCORMICK, Media lecturer, IT Carlow; Dr CRYSTAL FULTON, School of Information and Library Studies, UCD; Dr BARBARA BRADBY, Dept of Sociology, TCD; EDWARD CONLON, Asst Head of Deparment of Engineering Sciences and General Studies, DIT; Dr SEÁN L’ESTRANGE, School of Sociology, UCD; Dr FÉILIM Ó HADHMAILL, School of Applied Social Studies, UCC; OLIVER WHELAN, Artist, Lecturer in Painting, NCAD; CHRISTINA HAYWOOD, Lecturer and Curator of the Classical Museum, UCD School of Classics; Dr ROBERT FOURIE, Lecturer in Speech and Hearing Sciences UCC; MIKE FITZGIBBON, Lecturer, Food Business and Development Dept, UCC; JIM ROCHE, Lecturer in Architecture, DIT; Dr JACQUI O’RIORDAN, Lecturer, Applied Social Studies; Dr COLIN COULTER, Department of Sociology, NUIM; PAT HANNON, Lecturer in Radio, School of Media, DIT; Dr GAVAN TITLEY, Lecturer in Media Studies, NUIM; MICK O’BROIN, PhD student, TCD; PATRICIA McCANN, Lecturer in Business, GMIT; Dr JEANNINE WOODS, Acadamh na hOllscolaíochta Gaeilge, Ollscoil na hÉireann, Gaillimh.

C/o Griffith Court,


Dublin 3.