British royals – a parting of the ways


A chara, – A married couple in their thirties with one child, currently living on state benefits in state-sponsored social housing, express a desire to get paid employment, become financially independent and buy a home of their own.

Their family is very disappointed with them and horrified at the idea. – Is mise,


Ballyfermot, Dublin 10.

Sir, – What intrigues me is the difficulty people have in making sense of the idea of God, while having no difficulty in believing that, through the man-made rules of inheritance, one family is supported in a life of luxury and sustained by the worship of the faithful.

Harry and Meghan have seen beyond the sometimes silly pomp and ceremony to the life of a young couple who want to be liberated from the practices and power thrust upon them.

Good luck to them! – Yours, etc,


Oxford, England.

Sir, – Perhaps you could issue a commemorative plate. Or just stop covering this nonsense. – Yours, etc,


Dublin 8.