‘Stepping back’ from British royal family


Sir, – The decision of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle to quit the family business has taken most by surprise, including the family itself (“Queen Elizabeth not consulted by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle over plan to ‘step back’ from duties”, News, January 9th). It’s not a matter of running away to join the circus but rather a matter of running away from the circus to join the real world.

They will spend their time in the United Kingdom and North America. Both countries may wonder what to do with a young family with no jobs or support, except some money from the royal purse.

They want to work to become financially independent just like the rest of the world that isn’t born into wealth and power. They have both worked before, him in the military and her in the acting profession, although it is hard to imagine them continuing these roles.

The real tragedy will be for all of those magazines that make their money from scandalous suggestions of what is happening to the royal family.

Good luck to them both. They will need it in the real world. – Yours, etc,