Brexit and taking back control


Sir, – Michael Gove has confirmed that lorry drivers will need a “Kent access permit” when crossing county boundaries into the Garden of England, or face police action, (“Gove says ‘Kent access permit’ will be needed to avoid lorry congestion”, World, September 23rd).

It was always clear from the Brexiteers’ stated ambition to “take back control” of British borders that it would be harder to cross Britain’s external frontiers after the UK left the EU.

But who could have guessed that after Brexit it would also be more tricky to pass through the UK’s internal county borders?

You couldn’t make it up. – Yours, etc,


Arbour Hill,

Dublin 7.

Sir, – I can understand the fears expressed by Irish hauliers that delays in Dover will present difficulties for the timely distribution of exported and imported goods. However, this possibility has existed for months and surely the focus should be on delivering the obvious solution – ramping up port facilities, chartering additional shipping capacity as required, and opening up additional direct sea routes to France, the Netherlands and Germany.

Clearly, longer sea journeys will offset delay times and transport costs will increase but it will provide manufacturers with a secure logistics environment and will encourage and facilitate them in seeking out new suppliers in the EU to replace UK sources.

It would demonstrate Ireland’s commitment to Europe and, in return, it should be possible to negotiate funding from the EU to offset the additional costs incurred by hauliers. Surely the Government has such a contingency plan in place as the no-deal scenario is becoming more probable?

Musing on problems on television and radio is becoming a national past-time and ramping up public anxiety unnecessarily. How about a bit of positive action? – Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.

Sir, – Who knew that the solution to England’s centuries old “Irish problem” was a hard border between Kent and the rest of the British Isles?

Once again the genius of the Cummings-Johnson-Gove triumvirate reveals itself. – Yours, etc,


Harolds Cross,

Dublin 6W.