Boundary change and TD cuts


Sir, – In a response to the need for a reduction in the costs of government, the Italian Senate on Thursday  approved the reduction in members of parliament from 630 down to 508. This nation of 60 million citizens has been courageous in voting a 20 per cent cut in numbers.   On the same day, our erstwhile representatives of 4.5 million citizens have proposed a five per cent cut in their numbers.

It is clear that the present Government is just paying lip service to the reform of the Oireachtas.  It has not fully taken on board the anger and frustration felt by the population at large at the ineffectiveness of our “parish pump politicians” and  their role in not managing the State’s resources efficiently, not regulating banks, construction, or  planning or ensuring the fair distribution of our limited resources.

Is it too late to express outrage at this tokenism?   Why can we not have a worthwhile referendum on the number and quality and type of overpaid representatives that we should have?

Enda Kenny sailed into office as a consequence of the backlash against the performance, or should I say the mismanagement by the previous government.   He has learnt very little.  – Yours, etc,


Carrickbrack Heath,


Dublin 13.

Sir, – Would it not be more democratic if the ratio of TDs to population was based on the actual register of electors rather than total population?

Surely the number of those who are eligible to vote, ie adults, should dictate the ratio and therefore the number of elected representatives? This, I believe, would be more democratic, more reasonable and more representative, even with fewer TDs. And of course it  would be   cheaper for the taxpayer!

Perhaps we should put this question in a referendum to the people (the electorate) to alter the relevant articles in the Constitution to address the ratio disequilibrium. – Yours, etc,


Ranelagh Road,

Dublin 6.