Grafton Quarter


Sir, – I agree with Frank McNally that naming a street as a city quarter is poor rebranding when we have so many other options available (“Sung, drawn, and quartered – the perils of rebranding Grafton Street”, An Irishman’s Diary, November 16th). Perhaps “The St Valentine’s Quarter”, centred on Whitefriar Street church just off Grafton Street, would be better. It might bring in many more young lovers and tourists with money to spend. – Yours, etc,


Skerries, Co Dublin.

Sir, – A sign that refers to “Grafton Quarter” has been erected by an organisation called DublinTown. Not only has this organisation invented a new name for the Grafton Street area, it seems that it has also demoted our beloved city to “town” status. – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.