Blue flag award and Seapoint


Sir. – I am surprised at the recent award of the blue flag to Seapoint in Dublin. Maintenance of the facilities is irregular and inconsistent. The damage wreaked on the bathing facilities by the storms last winter has not been repaired and the promenade is in a dangerous state for children playing. The slippery moss that is a danger to swimmers of all ages is rarely bleached. The bins provided for rubbish disposal by families at busy weekends are totally inadequate. The signage advising swimmers on dangers, such as diving, that were washed away in the storms have not been replaced. Council bylaws banning dogs from the swimming area for health reasons are not enforced, and fines are never imposed. I suggest that the councillors give consideration to sending a small deputation to beaches in Europe to see the superlative standards that are in operation in countries where bathing is rightly regarded as a healthy and enjoyable pursuit. If they did so they might return home with some sense of shame for the disgraceful state of Seapoint, one of the most beautiful bathing places in Dublin. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.