Arming teachers in US schools?


Sir, – President Trump and other commentators have raised the suggestion of arming teachers to combat mass shootings. How long would it be before a teacher with mental health issues opens fire on a classroom full of children? And what solution will then be proposed? – Yours, etc,


Leopardstown, Dublin 18.

Sir, – I was shocked to hear the US president, at ‘his “listening session” regarding that horrific atrocity at the high school in Florida, say that the US may consider training and arming teachers with guns.

As a former secondary school teacher in a socially deprived area in southwest Dublin during the 1990s, we had to secure our school by keeping it locked at all times, with staff and ancillary staff using swipe-cards to enter and exit the building. It worked well and we all felt safe.

Surely the US government could use proper funding to seriously upgrade security at all their schools, even if this means using trained and armed security to keep everybody safe. The idea of arming teachers with guns just beggars belief! – Yours, etc,


Kilcoole, Co Wicklow.

Sir, – Donald Trump suggests civilians with little or no training in lethal crisis situations should be armed with guns. This shows a callous disregard for the safety of the children and staff at any school where untrained or inadequately trained staff are in possession of a weapon. The availability of military assault rifles to any individual who can pay for them has been a prime factor in the appalling number of mass shootings in America. More guns in civilian hands will not stop the carnage. – Yours, etc,



Co Waterford.