Public services card


Sir, – The Road Safety Authority (RSA) is now informing the Irish public that to renew a driver licence we will need a public services card (PSC). The RSA also states that the PSC will be the only form of identification acceptable for this application. This, we are told by the Government, is for security purposes.

As my licence will soon be due for renewal, I will have to obtain a PSC. To obtain this PSC I will have to visit, at my own time and expense, a government office where I imagine I will have to prove my identity. Not having a PSC, I will have to offer my driver licence or passport as proof of my identity. The person taking my application will, I hope, accept my passport or driver licence as proof of my identity.

So the situation will soon be, that for security purposes, my passport will be good enough to get my PSC, but not good enough to renew my passport.

With all the problems that need to be addressed and that require large sums of money, is this really the best use of the millions that have been spent on this?

Or has the Government come up with an expensive solution to a problem that did not exist? – Yours, etc,


Baile Átha Buí,

Co na Mí.