Archbishop’s words on laity ring hollow


A chara, – In his recent speech on the future of the church in Ireland, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin stated: “Catholic Church leadership must represent the various charisms present in the Church: lay, clerical and religious, women and men, young and old. We all agree on this, but nothing seems to happen. The alienation of so many women only increases” (“Archbishop queries lack of progress on Church-State covenant”, News, March 19th).

He also spoke about the church learning from the “arrogance of our past”.

I am a member of an active lay group led by a woman – an Irish-language church choir in St Michael’s parish in Dun Laoghaire.

Two years ago we were dismissed – via a notice in the parish newsletter – from our previous role in our parish by our parish priest, Fr Paul Kenny. Since then Fr Kenny has refused to meet or discuss the issue with us.

Whenever the issue is highlighted in the media, Archbishop Martin’s office points out that he has appointed a mediator and says: “We are hopeful the situation will be resolved soon” (News, January 31st).

But nothing seems to happen. Our alienation only increases.

After two years the mediator has not even managed to get Fr Paul Kenny to meet us.

Our parish priest is clearly unwilling to change his position, mediator or no mediator. The only other person who can do something is his superior, Archbishop Diarmuid Martin.

Actions speak louder than words. – Yours, etc,


Baile na Manach,

Co Bhaile Átha Cliath.