A secular question?


Sir, – Bishop Phonsie Cullinan (Rite & Reason, June 18th), places the word secular with negative associations and adjectives.

Webster’s dictionary defines “secular” as: of or relating to the worldly or temporal (secular concerns); not overtly or specifically religious; not ecclesiastical or clerical; not bound by monastic vows or rules.

I can understand that a bishop may see a “secular” society as a challenge to his profession. But can he see that Irish society might see a “non-secular” state as more of a threat to freedom of thought and expression?

What exactly does he believe is wrong with a state and a society that is “not overtly or specifically religious, ecclesiastical or clerical or bound by monastic rules”?

Some of us might even see this as a good thing and a sign of progress. – Yours, etc,


Bandon, Co Cork.