Nuclear energy is being ignored


Sir, – Ireland is not doing enough to lower its emissions and there will be a large price to pay in fines.

An increasing number of letters to this newspaper relating to climate change and Ireland’s ineffectual energy policy suggest a growing understanding that this policy is not achieving its objectives. Letters suggest that there are an increasing number of people who realise that there is a low-carbon, sustainable rather than renewable, option: small modular nuclear reactors.

Several small EU countries are working with plans to adopt these to achieve energy security. These new technologies could well be suitable to provide the regular, reliable, low-carbon energy that will always be needed to back-up our irregular and unreliable wind and solar generation; a much better replacement of coal at Moneypoint than the natural gas option which would only cut emissions by about 40 per cent.

We are a democratic country; surely professionals in any sector, private or semi-State, should be encouraged to speak publicly about all existing and developing energy options? – Yours, etc,




Co Tipperary.