A climate election?


Sir, – I’m sorely disappointed at the shallow level of debate on climate change action in the run-up to the general election. Yet again it seems we are to allow ourselves to be fooled by meaningless short-term political promises in an atmosphere largely devoid of political statesmanship.

I would exhort my fellow voters to take a long-term balanced view when they vote and not be swayed by short-term bribes. The country needs to take responsibility for climate action. A stitch in time saves nine! – Yours, etc,



Co Kerry.

Sir, – Global aviation produces 2 per cent of CO2 emissions whereas global marine produces 5 per cent. Despite this disparity, I note People Before Profit would hit the aviation sector with €900 million in new taxes and levies. The Greens also want to tax flying. As an island nation, if we decide to leave here we must use plane or boat. The mainland of Europe is extremely well served by excellent rail and bus links. They have options we do not. This is simply a cash-grab and people see it for what it is. Unfortunately it may foster resistance to future environmental initiatives.

Thanks to competition in the aviation sector we have moved on from being an insular, inward-looking people and do not need environmental taxes and levies to force us back to those days. – Yours,etc,



Co Dublin.