Recognition of a Palestinian state

Underlying factors

Letters to the Editor. Illustration: Paul Scott

Sir, – The Israeli ambassador Dana Erlich, in her critical piece on Ireland’s position on the current conflict (“Ireland’s planned unilateral recognition of a Palestinian state sends a dangerous signal”, Opinion & Analysis, April 11th), highlights some justifiable concerns on how criticism of Israeli action in Gaza can easily be used as cover for anti-Semitism. Criticism of Israel, and any country, should always be objective, based on their adherence to international law, and on their treatment of populations under their control. No right-minded person believes that Hamas, in its horrific actions of October 7th, was acting in the interests of the Palestinian people. It certainly committed a war crime, for which it should be held accountable under the processes of international law.

However, as is usual in communications from the Israeli embassy, there is no acknowledgement of the underlying factors in play for many decades, and exacerbated under the leadership of Binyamin Netanyahu. The ambassador makes no mention of Israel’s flagrant and repeated violations of international law over many years, and looks to perpetuate the illusion that the Hamas actions, barbaric and genocidal in their intent, happened in some vacuum.

The Israeli ambassador would do well to reflect on the fact that as a direct result of its actions, famine has entered Gaza and that most of the area has been left in ruins. She should also answer why during this period the death toll of West Bank Palestinians and the destruction of their homes have reached a new high.

I think the Irish people would also be interested in what the Israeli government plans for Gaza in the aftermath of the current onslaught.


I don’t expect to hear anything on those points anytime soon. – Yours, etc,