Political reaction to the far right

Democracy is at risk

Sir, – It’s all very well attacking populism in your pages but some balance is required. People are outraged at the scenes at Leinster House last week, the Minister of Justice will discuss the matter with the Garda Commissioner, and The Irish Times editorialises (“The Irish Times view on populism: a concern for everyone who values democracy”, September 22nd) but no one addresses the underlying problem – the enormous change being inflicted in Irish society by the pace of migration.

As your editorial notes, some 32 per cent of European voters cast their ballots in favour of populist and anti-establishment parties in national elections last year, with this growing at an alarming rate. The message is clear – people in large numbers are fearful of the pace of change being inflicted on society. In such circumstances is it any wonder that the so-called “far right” is gaining ground. The political class needs to take note and face the facts. The outrage of our politicians is simply not enough. As you correctly suggest, democracy is indeed at risk at this time. – Yours, etc,




Co Dublin.