Facts, rhetoric and the unity debate

A wealth of information

A chara, – I was keenly interested in Sheila Davidson’s “We need facts not rhetoric about a united Ireland” (Opinion & Analysis, November 29th).

Sheila Davidson rightly spells out the need to separate fact from fantastical and for that reason the ARINS – Analysing and Researching Ireland North and South– project produces research and far-reaching reports navigating a range of public policy issues from an all-Ireland perspective.

From the arts, constitutional conundrums, economic, education, election, and franchise queries, environmental challenges, flags and symbols, films and representation, healthcare, labour market legacies, language legislation, peace process parallels, pensions, policing, security, sport, the subvention question, to welfare payments and the welfare of women, we all need to think – and plan for – how we will share this island. Our homework can be found at arinsproject.com. – Is mise,




Institute for Irish Studies,

University of Notre Dame,

Merrion Square,

Dublin 2.