Nuclear power and war

National independence at risk

Sir, – I do not doubt that today’s small modular nuclear reactors are safer than their historical large-scale predecessors. But “safer” here means with regard to accident and acts of God. The unspoken risks posed by nuclear power do not relate to accident; rather, the substantial risks posed by nuclear power relate to intentional wrongdoing in connection with crime, blackmail, terrorism, and war.

Adopting nuclear power is just a way of saying you wish to lose the next war – just look at the threat posed to Europe by Russian occupation of Chernobyl and other Ukrainian nuclear facilities.

Today, Ireland is at peace. Ireland has no enemies which presently or in the near future threaten an invasion of its landmass.

If you believe that this will last and that history is at an end, then maybe nuclear power is a reasonable option. But if history is not over, then nuclear power puts both safety and hard-won national independence at risk. – Is mise,




Co Kildare.