Jim O’Callaghan’s plan for unity

A question of loyalty

A chara, – I’m not a member of the Kilfenora Céilí Band, but if I were, I’d wonder why Jim O’Callaghan TD sees no cultural difference between it and a loyalist flute band (“United Ireland citizens should not have to declare loyalty to new state, says FF TD” (News, September 30th).

As a practising Catholic, I’d suspect joining Kilfenora would be assessed on my accordion skills only, whereas the loyalist flute band would see certain other barriers to my membership.

Mr O’Callaghan thinks it’s quite acceptable for citizens of a “new Ireland” to reject this country and opt instead to remain loyal to a foreign country .

Really? Can they decide who gets their taxes too?


How exactly is loyalty to a country manifested?

If we agree at some point, North and South, for unity, the loyalist community will be welcomed into a State that is already culturally diverse, and is deeply Anglophile.

We speak their language, watch their TV, films, follow their sport, copy their legal system, etc.

We’ve made our changes.

Mr O’Callaghan needs to tell the loyalists that they might have to bend too, just a little. – Is mise,



Co Cork.