Podcast: Trump’s strangely consistent, concerning world view

Political analysts look at utterly changed US landscape and how Republicans may react to leader

So, what now? How will president-elect Donald Trump influence the world when in power? There are few certainties, and Trump has taken contradictory positions on many issues.

However, there are three points on which he has been consistent on since even before his campaign, and they should be cause for concern, argues Thomas Wright of the Washington think-tank Brookings Institute on Thursday's World View podcast.

At home, president-elect Trump's tax policies might delight his Republican colleagues, but how will his plans to build an enormous wall and renew infrastructure at huge expense sit with the frugal party? And to what extent can unified Republican government take advantage of their control of the Supreme Court? Graham Finlay of UCD, a US-born political scientist, talks about Trump on the domestic political scene.