Lucky escape for stunt pilots during mid-air collision

Incident took place in a routine performance at the Aero India show

Two aircraft have a lucky escape at an Indian airshow after an aerobatic manoeuvre goes wrong. The two planes scraped against each other in mid-air, causing minor damage to both. Video: Reuters


Two Red Bull pilots had a lucky escape when their planes collided mid-air during a stunt performance in India.

During what was intended to be a routine aerial exhibition, one of the three ‘Flying Bulls’ appeared to veer off course before smashing into an adjacent aircraft.

Fortunately, there were no injuries during the incident, but videos released shortly afterwards showed a crumpled right wing sustained by one of the aircraft involved after it came in for a safe landing.

The collision occurred during the Aero India show in Bangalore, which is one of Asia’s premier air shows. Following a precautionary check of the runway, organisers saw fit to resume the show.

The team of Czech pilots had performed the same routine during previous shows at the Yelahanka Airforce station in 2011 and 2013 which passed off without incident.