Vintners to end price freeze


Two bodies representing publicans throughout the State have announce the immediate cessation of a price freeze following a ruling that it was in contempt of a court agreement.

In a statement, the Licensed Vintners' Federation and the Vintners' Federation of Ireland said they had written to their respective members to advise them of the immediate cessation of the price freeze announced on December 1st 2008.

Mr Justice Liam McKechnie ruled in the High Court last week that announcement of a one-year freeze on the price of drinks in pubs was in breach of previous undertakings given to the court in settlement of proceedings over alleged drink price fixing.

The Competition Authority began proceedings against both associations in April this year for contempt of court.

"The associations fully accept and respect the ruling of the court in respect of the interpretation of the undertaking. Accordingly, the associations have today communicated to their members that the recommendation to implement the price freeze is withdrawn with immediate effect, and have requested their members to immediately remove all posters and publicity materials advertising the price freeze from public display and circulation," the bodies said.