Two brothers who have 83 previous convictions jailed for three robberies


The mother of two robbers told Dublin Circuit Criminal Court yesterday that her alcoholism as a result of being raped when she was 17 and their father's heroin addiction left the pair with no chance in life.

Judge Kieran O'Connor jailed Patrick Brazil (22) for 10 years and his brother, Paul Brazil (18), for seven years for three robberies.

Ms Margaret Brazil told the judge she was separated and her sons had been institutionalised since they were nine. Her husband was serving seven years' imprisonment for a drug offence.

Judge O'Connor was told that Patrick Brazil had 61 previous convictions for larceny, trespass, robbery and assault since he was nine. His brother had 22. "I have never met anyone who has had so many previous convictions at such a young age," the judge said.

He added: "These are completely lawless actions. I am putting the two of you away in prison for a very long time and that's what you deserve".

Patrick Brazil, of O'Devaney Gardens, and Paul Brazil, of St Mary's Terrace, both Dublin, pleaded guilty to three robberies on April 1st and April 3rd, 1998. Both are heroin addicts.

Garda Brian Delaney said the pair threatened the owner of a Classic Video shop with a screwdriver and escaped with £490 cash, including £10 from his wallet. On the same night, at 11 p.m., they held up a man at knifepoint on Norfolk Street, when he was standing beside his parked car.

Garda Delaney said that two days later, on North Brunswick Street, they approached a Co Tyrone man on motorcycles after he had parked his car. They knocked on the car window and asked for a light, then smashed the window and threatened the victim with a knife and demanded money. They took £50 sterling, £25 in punts, a watch and a cheque book.

Mr Brendan Grehan, defending, asked Judge O'Connor to take into consideration their tragic family life and the fact they had no guidance. They had a strong desire to give up heroin.

Judge O'Connor said he would review the case on June 13th, 2000, and if they could prove they were still drug-free then, and had taken part in therapy and prison educational courses, he would consider suspending the balances of their sentences.