Traffic congestion 'costs Dublin Bus €60m'


Traffic congestion cost Dublin Bus €60 million last year, figures revealed today.

Consultants BDO Simpson Xavier found that the speed of Dublin Buses during the morning peak is 36 per cent slower than comparitive international cities.

Average speeds for buses have dropped to 12.9km/h during the morning peak, down 11 per cent since 2001, while off-peak speeds have fallen to an average of 15.4km/h

The congestion has resulted in reduced speeds, longer journey times and therefore less turnover.

The report said the delays cost the company €60.05 million, compared with €49.36 million in 2003 and €34.86 million in 2001.

According to the consultants, speeds are due to drop further over the next two years, to 12.7km/hr during peak times, costing the company even more.

Researchers highlighted specific bottlenecks southbound on O'Connell Street, westbound on Dame Street and eastbound at the Beresford Place and Gardiner Street junction.

They concluded that the costs of congestion will only be significantly reduced by upgrading bus priority across the road network with a particular focus on the city centre.