Tracing movements of disappeared Bank of Ireland employee


Trevor Deely is described by those who know him as "just a normal fellow". Aged 22, he moved to Dublin from the family home in Naas two years ago and enjoyed life in the city.

However, his father Michael stresses he was in regular contact with him and his mother Ann, and his siblings, Pamela, Michelle and Mark.

There has been no sighting of Mr Deely since the early hours of December 8th, when he was captured on closed-circuit television camera (CCTV) on Baggot Street bridge as he walked home from his office Christmas party. The Garda water, dog and air units have all been involved in searches along the coastline and in the southside of the city.

He lived in an apartment in Serpentine Avenue, Ballsbridge, which he shared with two girls. His family says he enjoyed his job in Bank of Ireland Asset Management at Leeson Street Bridge, where he worked in the IT section.

Mr Deely last spoke to his youngest son at 7.30 p.m. on December 7th. "He was so excited and in such good form."

Trevor had earlier spoken to his father about fixing a fuse blown in his flat. They had also arranged for Trevor to collect new contact lenses sent by his brother, an optician, from his father's workplace in An Bord Bia on Lower Mount Street.

Bank of Ireland and An Bord Bia are largely behind the extensive poster campaign around the city, which began on December 18th, two days after his family decided to take action.

Trevor began his night out on December 7th by meeting work colleagues in Copperface Jack's bar on Harcourt Street. From there, they went to their work Christmas party in the Hilton Hotel.

A group continued the party at Buck Whaley's nightclub on Leeson Street. Trevor left there at 3.25 a.m. and walked the short distance to his office at Leeson Street Bridge. It was a very wet and windy night.

Trevor spoke to a colleague working the night shift in the IT section. and checked his e-mail account. He collected his navy golf umbrella with an ACC logo as he left the building at 4 a.m.

He attempted to make a number of calls on his mobile to a friend in Naas as he walked down Wilton Terrace and across to Baggot Street bridge. They were the last calls made on the phone and no withdrawals have been made from his bank account subsequently.

The last sighting of Trevor was recorded by the CCTV on the Bank of Ireland branch on Baggot Street bridge at 4.14 a.m. He turned left down Haddington Road, heading in the direction of his apartment on Serpentine Avenue. The footage shows his back as he carries his umbrella. He is seen to sidestep slightly to the left before going out of frame.

He is six feet, of slim build with short red hair and blue eyes. He was wearing a yellow-and-brown diamond checked shirt and beige cord trousers. Gardai leading the search have described his disappearance as a "total mystery".

Extensive searches have been carried out along the canal from Leeson Street bridge to Grand Canal Street. Over the coming days, this will be extended back along the canal towards Ranelagh. The railway line, all public parks and vacant premises adjacent to the canal have been searched.

"There is nothing to indicate that anything sinister happened to him, but searches have drawn a total blank. We have found nothing," said a garda.