Three arrested over damage to Orange Hall


Three men were arrested following criminal damage to an Orange Hall in Lurgan, Co Armagh last night.

Graffiti was written on an outside wall of the Derryadd Orange Hall and a window was smashed.

The PSNI arrested the men at the scene on the Derrytrasna Road shortly after 4am.

Meanwhile, SDLP member, Dolores Kelly, condemned the attack.

Mrs Kelly said, "Attacks on Orange Halls are wrong. No-one has the right to vandalise or destroy property in this way. Over the last number of weeks we have seen attacks on Catholic Churches and Orange Halls across the north and they must stop now.

"Both communities have had enough of the few thugs on both sides who are causing this destruction. Community and political leaders of both traditions must show their influence and denounce such attacks," Ms Kelly added.