Text of IRA's statement


THE following is the text of the IRA statement issued last night

An active service unit of Oglaigh na hEireann placed a device which detonated in central Manchester on Saturday morning last. We sincerely regret the injuries to civilians which occurred.

Warnings of one hour and 45 minutes were given to avoid such injuries.

Oglaigh na nEireann called a complete cessation of military operations in August `94 to enhance the democratic peace process. We ended that cessation on February 9 because the British Government had squandered that opportunity.

The British Government has spent the last 22 months since August `94 trying to force the surrender of IRA weapons and the defeat of the republican struggle. We are still prepared to enhance the democratic peace process. We appreciate the efforts of those who have made a genuine contribution but if there is to be a lasting peace, if the conflict is to be resolved in Britain and Ireland, then the British Government must put the democratic rights of all of the people of Ireland before its own party political self interest.

The statement is issued by P. O'Neill, Irish Republican Publicity Bureau,

Dublin. 19/06/96