‘I’m now a Twit’: the best celebrity first tweets

Twitter celebrates birthday with service that digs up first tweets; it’s a goldmine of ridiculousness

In celebration of its eighth birthday, Twitter is offering users the chance to take a trip down memory lane, by looking up their very first tweet on the site.

The company has launched First-Tweets.com, letting every user rediscover what was on their mind as they joined the social network. The results range from the banal:

It’s fair to say that the majority of twitter users didn’t really have much of an idea what the site was when they signed up. But then, even the very first tweet ever was rather more inward looking than you’d get away with these days.

The tool is called Discover, and it is a goldmine of ridiculousness. Last night the #FirstTweet hashtag was showcasing the (ahem) skeptical, mundane or apparently completely accidental first messages of thousands.


But obviously the real fun comes when you start plugging in the notable names of world leaders, sports stars and celebrities.

What was your first tweet? How does it look in hindsight? Can you bear to find out?