Tech giant well wide of mark on town with 30,000 people Apple maps


Using Apple's new maps system could be potentially life-threatening, police in Mildura, Australia, have warned, after a number of people trying to find the town of 30,000 people have become hopelessly lost in scorching temperatures.

One man was stranded for 24 hours last week in temperatures of up to 46 degrees and at least three more have had to be rescued after following the directions given on Apple's new maps, which locate Mildura, Victoria, far from its actual position.

"We've had at least four documented cases," said Sgt Stephen Phelan. "The map puts it at least 70km from where it should be. We have had people bogged down in sunset country."

The Mildura police have now issued a warning on their website that getting lost in the park around Mildura is potentially deadly.

"There's no water, and you can get bogged down in the sand," said Toby Prime, a reporter on the local Sunraysia Daily. "Temperatures go up to 46 degrees and there's no water."

One man following the map on his phone had driven into the park at 6pm, then realised he was nowhere near Mildura but that to continue driving could get him stuck because of the sand. - (Guardian Service)