Surfers hoping for huge waves off west coast over weekend


The biggest waves of the winter could hit our coastline this weekend, delighting surfers with the prospect of breakers up to 30 feet high.

Irish surfers will be joined by others from Hawaii, France and Spain, who are monitoring winds to see if conditions are favourable for the huge waves scheduled to hit Donegal Bay off Co Sligo.

Huge swells in the Atlantic Ocean could reach here and climax on Tuesday. If they combine with southerly winds, it would create perfect surfing conditions.

“We could have solid waves of up to 30 feet, which would be the biggest of the winter,” said top Irish surfer Richie Fitzgerald. “We have had 50ft waves in the past but 30ft waves would certainly be great and you would have a lot of surfers coming into Ireland to follow them,” he said.

The biggest wave to date hit Ireland last December when a 67ft wave was logged 60 miles off Donegal.