Suharto's health deteriorates sharply


Indonesia's former dictator Suharto is in a "very critical condition" after suffering multi-organ failure, according to his doctors.

"He is now in very critical condition, worse than yesterday," said Marjo Subiandono, the chief presidential doctor. "Almost all of his organs have experienced a decline, especially his heart and lungs."

Doctors were trying to counter a drop in Suharto's red blood cell count through transfusion, Subiandono said.

Suharto's relatives said they would let doctors decide what measures to take if he deteriorated further, rather than insisting on life support, Subiandono said.

Suharto, whose 32-year regime was widely regarded as one of the 20th century's most brutal and graft-ridden, was hospitalized in critical condition a week ago with anemia and a low heart rate. He initially responded well to a blood transfusion and kidney dialysis, but his condition sharply deteriorated days later.