'Silent' protesters demand FF step down


Some 40 people staged a silent protest outside the Dáil at lunchtime today calling on the Government to resign.

Organised by Dublin-based actor and satirist Morgan C Jones, the protest was arranged through the social media site Twitter.

Protesters stood silently outside the gates of Leinster House for over an hour from midday holding placards bearing the message “Your’re FFired”, “BuFFoon” and “The parish pump is rusty”.

Jones said the idea of the protest was to get the citizens out onto the streets in a “non-tribal” way.

He said while it is admirable to see people out on other protests, unfortunately there is “always an axe to grind…somebody’s in a political party, somebody’s in unions, it’s quite tribal.

"This goes beyond being in a tribe because we are all in the same club, we are all citizens.”

It is time for the public to actively reclaim citizenship as our “Icelandic pots and pans moment is long gone”, he said.

“We need a general election now, no matter what they say and we need it before the budget because letting the people who crashed the bus drive us home doesn’t make sense.”

Jones argued that said political reform is necessary and - although there is a sense of panic to fix things immediately - it will take a longer to remedy the problems facing the country. “It’s taken them more than a day to burn Rome, it’s going to take us a hell of a lot longer to fix it.”

The actor, who has been publicising the protest with the hashtag #YoureFFired on Twitter, also said he will organise future campaigns to keep an eye on “dynastic politics” and “dodgy double-dealings”.

“I’m an angry crank, these are angry cranks, we’re all getting together, be an angry crank it’s a good thing,“ he added.

Jones is one-sixth of the group of writers and actors collectively known as The Emergency. He and comedy partner Dermot Carmody also perform as Carmody & Jones.

Recently, Jones made a short video parody of the television advert in which former taoiseach Bertie Ahern promoted his newspaper column.

The Emergency also penned a single entitled Not doing any time to mark the arrival of the IMF this week.