SF demands talks on Drumcree


Sinn Fein has repeated its demand that the North's First Minister, Mr David Trimble, meet the residents of Garvaghy Road to end the Drumcree standoff. The Sinn Fein president, Mr Gerry Adams, and his party colleague, Mr Martin McGuinness, held a meeting with the residents yesterday.

Speaking afterwards, Mr Adams said: "David Trimble should meet with the residents as a matter of urgency and as an example to the Orange Order. He should directly intervene to end the siege of the Garvaghy Road."

Referring to recent incidents when Catholics in Portadown were attacked and Catholic businesses in the town came under attack, Mr Adams said: "For decades, and especially the past six months, nationalist residents in this apartheid town have had to endure unrelenting sectarian abuse, harassment and physical and verbal assault.

"It is unacceptable that the Orange marching season should now be extended into the festive season." He called on Mr Trimble to "uphold the residents' right to freedom and freedom from sectarian abuse".