Ryanair marks charter launch with free seats


Ryanair marked unveiled its customer charter today by offering one million special offer seats on its European routes operating out of London.

Passengers will only have to pay airport taxes on the seats which will be available from October until December 17th.

Speaking at the publication of the charter, which includes promises on low fares and safety, Ryanair chief executive Mr Michael O'Leary challenged his rivals to publish monthly statistics in relation to punctuality, bags lost and number of passenger complaints.

The publication of monthly figures has long been a feature of the US airline industry, and the EU has proposed that European airlines follow suit.

Passengers want punctuality, friendly service, rapid response to complaints, ticket flexibility and, above all, low fares, according to Mr O'Leary.

"The industry standards have now been established, let the other airlines see if they can match them," he said.