Rebel militia group appears to be on brink of capturing Goma


Rebels with the alleged backing of Rwanda have threatened to invade the biggest city in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, with UN peacekeepers appearing powerless to stop them.

After several days of heavy fighting, the M23 militia group, which the UN accuses of human rights abuses and recruiting child soldiers, appeared to be on the brink of taking Goma yesterday after resistance from the Congolese army crumbled.

Neighbouring Rwanda accused Congolese soldiers of firing heavy weapons into its territory, wounding three civilians.

Brig Gen Joseph Nzabamwita, a Rwandan army spokesman, said the Congolese army “has deliberately this evening bombed Rwanda, using T55 tank and mortar bombs” as well as anti-aircraft fire. Congo denied the claim.

Last night, tank and artillery fire echoed above the deserted streets of Goma as terrified civilians took shelter. – (Guardian service)