Rainfall levels above normal for June


With continuing downpours of torrential rain over the first fortnight of this month, parts of the country have had as much rainfall already as normal levels for the whole of June.

Yesterday, rain was again intense, very heavy throughout the country and it reached the Dublin area in the early evening.

After one of the wettest months of May on record, June is not at the moment looking much more promising.

Last night, a Met Éireann spokesman said: "Rainfall was twice the normal level for May in many areas but we're only half way through June and already parts of the country have had enough rainfall for the normal quota for the whole of this month."

"It is more than likely that all this heavy rain is leading to flash floods especially as there is so much water in the ground already. The ground is waterlogged and it is difficult for farmers," he said.

He could not offer much encouragement either. Today, although there will be some earlier sunny spells, in the late afternoon, early evening, the umbrellas will have to come out again.

If people are out on Sunday and not watching the World Cup soccer match, the weather will begin by looking hopeful but the rain will develop in the afternoon and extend northwards for the rest of the day.

The spokesman did try and boost morale. In 1995, he said, the weather started off as bad as this for May and June but ended up as one of the most fantastic summers for many years. Unfortunately, he stressed: "That is definitely not a forecast."