Lagan Valley: Jeffrey Donaldson improves standing

Donaldson’s vote increases to 13,000 majority in traditional DUP stronghold

Jeffrey Donaldson has increased his stranglehold in the Lagan Valley constituency he has held since 1997.

The DUP politican’s majority rose by 2,500 to 13,000 in the seat where he has won the last five elections. Mr Donaldson took almost half of the vote after a decline in the 2010 election. However it is still behind the number of votes he pulled in during the 2005 election.

The Ulster Unionist Alexander Redpath pipped the Alliance party's Trevor Lunn into second place.

Lagan Valley is a DUP stronghold, and has four MLAs from the party in the Stormont Assembly. Mr Donaldson said the party has come through criticism during the campaign.


“In this election the democratic unionist party has had many things said about it, but here in Lagan Valley in this election we have increased our vote and increased our majority and we have a resounding mandate from the people of this constituency.”

Mr Donaldson added, with the Scottish National Party expected to sweep Scotland, it is important all pro-unionist parties work together.

"This is an important election and not just for Lagan Valley and Northern Ireland, but it is an important election for the United Kingdom. I believe the Democratic Unionist Party and our unionist allies will be in a very important position at the election of this election.

But at the same time in the United Kingdom we face a challenge from the increase in support for nationalism, not least in Scotland,” Mr Donaldson said. “I want to make the plea to all unionists of a like mind that we work to the cause of the Union, because the cause of the Union is greater than any single political party.

What we want to ensure is the United kingdom is strong and united, and that is what my party and the other unionist parties are committed to achieving.”