FF considering complaint over its treatment on RTÉ show

Party ‘weighing up options’ after Monday’s Claire Byrne Live show

Fianna Fáil is considering making a complaint to the Broadcasting Authority of Ireland over its treatment on the Claire Byrne Live show on Monday.

The programme had a debate on the position of the party ahead of its ardfheis this weekend. A senior party source said they were now "weighing up their options" but would be considering making formal complaints to the BAI and RTÉ.

The source added: “We have a concern about what the agenda is. We have looked to see are there any other examples of political parties being put in a scenario like this where a panel discusses their relevance, what role they have, and internal and external critics are given a television platform.

"We can't see any other equivalent where one would be broadcast on ardfheis weekend this year. The last example we can find of this format is a similar format on The Frontline in 2010 about Fianna Fáil."


The programme examined what the future holds for Fianna Fáil with a panel discussion. The party was represented by Mary O'Rourke and Niall Collins with some councillors in the audience. University College Cork lecturer Niamh Hourigan, and commentator and one-time Fianna Fáil candidate Noel Whelan, also took part in the panel discussion.

A spokeswoman for RTÉ said the State broadcaster was very happy that the show was fair and impartial.