Booing the Taoiseach


Madam, - Maurice Ahern's letter of July 2nd seems to suggest that the booing of the Taoiseach at Clones last Saturday was sports-related. It was not. The Taoiseach was also booed at two recent soccer internationals in Lansdowne Road and at the opening and closing ceremonies for the Special Olympics. I do not condone this form of protest but it is a manifestation of the anger and frustration of many decent citizens and taxpayers who are outraged by the performance and behaviour of this Government.

We are appalled at the neglect of people with special needs in this country; the neglect of the tens of thousands of carers in the home who are trying to survive on a pittance while doing demanding and noble work; the shortage of specialist nurses in some of our hospitals; the primitive conditions in some of our schools; the shortage of gardaí on the streets to ensure the safety of our children. The booing also relates to the fact that many of our laws are not being enforced because of pressure from vested interests and that many public contracts are being mismanaged in a manner that defies credulity.

It relates to the fact that this Government is arrogant beyond belief, that it is spending obscene amounts of money on spin-doctors, mercs, perks and jets, that it has changed FoI legislation to suit its own ends and that if Bertie had his way his "Bowl" would now be well under way. It relates to the fact that he spends the absolute minimum amount of time in the Dáil accounting for the behaviour of his Government.

As Mr Ahern says, "one could go on". One could indeed if one were not so busy trying to make ends meet, raise funds for the local school, help a friend who is in a wheelchair and give her carer a break.

I doubt that any of this will prevent the Taoiseach and his cronies from enjoying their long summer holidays and their week at the Galway Races. It is not so long since the country was awash with money. What have they done with it? - Yours, etc.,

EDDIE FITZGERALD, Fortfield Drive, Terenure, Dublin 6W.