Pogues singer formally cautioned in London following heroin charge


Police in Britain have formally cautioned the former lead singer of The Pogues, Mr Shane McGowan, over possession of heroin, and as a result a charge of drug possession against him was discontinued at Highbury Corner Magistrates' Court in London yesterday.

Mr McGowan was arrested at his home in north-west London in November after the singer Sinead O'Connor contacted police.

He was charged with possessing heroin in January, and it is understood that the amount was small.

At the time of Mr McGowan's arrest, Ms O'Connor said she had telephoned the emergency services after she found the singer collapsed on the floor of his home.

"I love Shane," Ms O'Connor said, "and it makes me angry to see him destroy himself selfishly in front of those who love him."

However, Mr McGowan denied being addicted to any drug and had threatened to sue Ms O'Connor for describing him as a regular drug-taker.

Police dealt with the matter last week by way of a formal caution which requires the accused to admit their guilt. When the caution was accepted, the case against Mr McGowan was discontinued.

The Crown Prosecution Service had considered there was enough evidence to proceed, but a spokeswoman insisted the incident had been concluded with a "rapping across the knuckles" from the police.