New paracetamol instructions


New dosage instructions for children's liquid paracetamol medicines have been announced by the Irish Irish Medicines Board (IMB) today.

In a statement, the organisation said the new instructions, to appear on packing leaflets and labels in the coming weeks, would include more precise age and dosage bands to ensure children get the most effective amount of medicine and make it easier for parents and carers to know how much they should administer.

Ann O’Connor, IMB director of human products authorisation, said the new dosage instructions are not linked to safety issues but are being introduced "as a proactive measure" to optimise its effectiveness for children.

The IMB said liquid paracetamol continued to be a safe and effective treatment for pain and fever in children.

“This is a prudent measure which is being taken to make it easier for parents and carers to identify how much paracetamol they can give to their children. This is not a safety issue and parents should have no concerns about following the current dosage instructions," Ms O'Connor said.

The Irish Pharmacy Union, which represents 1,800 pharmacists in Ireland, has welcomed the move.

President Darragh O’Loughlin, said: “Overall, the new measures will remove uncertainty around dosing, improve patient safety and so enhance the benefits of liquid paracetamol medicines, all of which is to be welcomed.

He added parents should ask their pharmacists for advice if they had any queries on the issue.