N2 in Monaghan to get ' two-plus-one' bypass


A 10km "death stretch" of the N2 between Castleblayney and Monaghan - it has claimed several lives in recent years - is to be replaced by a bypass that will include a "two-plus-one" lane system, its first use in Ireland.

Details of the "two-plus-one" system, which is already a success in Scandinavia, have been revealed by the National Roads Authority (NRA). The system provides for an extra overtaking lane.

The authority has also confirmed that the system will be introduced on some other road projects.

Three roundabouts are envisaged on the new Monaghan stretch, which is costing some €120 million.

"This bypass will eliminate the series of dangerous bends on the N2, and will also ensure a reduction in travel time of three-quarters of a hour between Monaghan town and Dublin," according to a spokesman for Monaghan County Council yesterday.

Castleblayney town councillor Brendan Hughes said yesterday: "We are anxious to see this project completed as speedily as possible because of traffic delays at present of more than three-quarters of an hour at peak periods in the area."