Mother's action on inquest adjourned


A HIGH Court action aimed at halting the inquest into the death of a young woman who was found hanging from a door in her home less than an hour after an argument was allegedly overheard there has been adjourned to October.

Pamela Martin's mother, Martha Martin, has brought the case alleging that the Dublin county coroner is failing to conduct the inquest with an open mind as to the cause of death of her daughter.

Ms Martin, Old County Road, Crumlin, claims Dublin county coroner Dr Kieran Geraghty has "closed his mind" as to suicide being the cause of the death of her daughter, a 23-year-old mother of three, in 2004.

Ms Martin claims there were suspicious circumstances surrounding the death, there was no proper Garda investigation and the scene was not forensically examined until 22 days later. She also claims the manner of Pamela's alleged suicide makes no sense and she also alleges a history of violence against her daughter by her daughter's partner, Michael Fagan.

In the proceedings, Ms Martin is seeking orders and declarations from the court including that the conduct of the inquest breaches her constitutional rights.

In opposing the action, Dr Geraghty denies the claims and denies that he has prejudged or formed a view on the outcome of the inquest.

On the second day of the hearing yesterday, Mr Justice Patrick McCarthy adjourned it to early October in order to allow lawyers for Ms Martin to submit additional evidence via an affidavit.