Most favour X case legislation - poll


The results of the latest national opinion poll published this afternoon show clear divisions on the controversial issue of abortion, but with a clear majority in favour of the Government legislating for the X case at a minimum.

The Red C poll commissioned by Paddy Power bookmakers shows some 64 per cent of the electorate are either supportive of the Government plan, or are in favour of more liberal abortion laws, with the remaining 34 per cent opposed to the legislation in varying degrees.

Slightly over a third of the 1,000 people polled (35 per cent) say they support the Government's decision to introduce legislation that would allow a threat of suicide as a ground of substantial risk to the life of the mother.

A further 29 per cent say they support abortion to be lawful in any circumstances where a woman requests it.

In contrast, a quarter (26 per cent) of those polled said they would be in favour of a constitutional referendum that would insert an amendment excluding the threat of self-destruction as a ground for a lawful abortion. Some 8 per cent said they did not favour any change to the current laws.

In overall terms, the evidence from this poll - the fieldwork of which largely coincided with the Oireachtas Health Committee hearings - is that there is strong public support at this stage for the Government's position.