Mitchell spent most in race for Aras


Unsuccessful presidential candidate Gay Mitchell spent the most during the campaign, according to figures released today.

A statement published by the Standards in Public Office Commission (Sipo) also reveals total expenditure disclosed by presidential election agents was €2,318,577.09, while total donations disclosed amounted to €304,570.75.

Mr Mitchell, the Fine Gael candidate, spent €527,152.01, while the next highest spend came from Mary Davis €414,041.32. A total of €359,935.48 was spent by the successful Labour candidate, President Michael D Higgins.

According to Sipo, six of the seven presidential election agents disclosed they had received election donations valued at more than €634.87. The largest value of donations was by the election agent of Mr Higgins (€121,421.53) and next was the agent of Mary Davis with €120,095.00.

The spending limit per candidate was €750,000, and the commission said it found no evidence any presidential election agent overspent at the election.

Three candiates qualified for the maximum reimbursement of election expenses of €200,000: Mr Higgins, Seán Gallagher and Martin McGuinness.

Donation statements and election expenses statements received by the commission are available on its website and for public inspection and copying at its Dublin.