Man gets €4,000 for McDonalds worm meal


A man who became violently ill after finding a worm in his food at a McDonalds restaurant, has been awarded €4,000 damages in the Circuit Civil Court.

Mr James Grant, an engineer, of Chantiere Gate, Portlaoise, Co Laois, told Mr Justice Esmond Smyth, he found the worm and insect egg-like particles in his food on May 22nd, 1998. He had visited McDonalds in Kylemore Road, Dublin, and shortly after finding the worm he realised he may already have eaten worms.

After leaving the restaurant he vomited in a car-park. When he got home he felt unwell and was unable to eat for some time.

Mr Jack Hickey, counsel for Mr Grant, said medical reports had been agreed and revealed temporary loss of appetite. Mr Grant's doctor had prescribed medicine for worms and nausea.

Mr Hickey said the doctor was satisfied Mr Grant had suffered a psychological injury as well as physical symptons.

Damages and costs were awarded against McDonalds and Avondale Foods (Craigavon) Ltd., Chestnut Farm, Dukestown Lane, Lurgan, which supplied food to McDonalds.