Loyalist feud in Belfast is over, court told


The loyalist feud in Belfast is over and there will be an announcement before long, the city's deputy Lord Mayor told a judge yesterday.

Mr Frank McCoubrey, who represents the Shankill Road area where the feud erupted, was giving evidence in the High Court in Belfast on behalf of a man applying for bail. Mr Thomas Potts (31), of Greenland Street, Belfast, was accused of attempted murder during a clash between UFF and UVF factions on the Shankill Road in August. He was also charged with possessing guns relating to a UFF show of strength when masked men fired shots in the air.

The feud led to UFF leader Johnny Adair being returned to prison but there are reports he may soon be released again. "There is the possibility of Mr Adair resuming his life outside prison and that would not augur well," commented Lord Justice Nicholson. Det Sgt Mervyn Bryans agreed and described the current lull as "an uneasy truce".

Lord Justice Nicholson said he would adjourn the bail application until there was an official announcement the feud was over.