Libertas set to contest EU elections next year


Anti-Lisbon group Libertas confirmed today it will contest the European elections next year.

Speaking at a press conference in Brussels today, the group’s chairman Declan Ganley said it would field candidates across the European Union in all member states on a “pro-European platform of democracy, accountability and transparency”.

Libertas campaigned vigorously against the Lisbon Treaty which was defeated in a referendum in Ireland in June.

“If people want a strong and healthy Europe that is democratic and answerable to them, they should vote for a Libertas candidate,” Mr Ganley told the press conference at the group’s new Brussels headquarters.

He said a detailed policy document would be published in the coming months, and candidates names will be unveiled over a similar time frame.

The Libertas announcement coincides with today European Council meeting where leaders are discussing options open to them following the defeat of the referendum in Ireland.

According to draft conclusions, which EU leaders are expected to sign off on this evening, a second referendum to ratify the treaty will be held before October 31st.

“The Irish Government and the powerful elite in Brussels are showing utter contempt for the democratic decision of the Irish people in rejecting the Lisbon Treaty,” Mr Ganley added.

“Not one sentence will change in a new version. Some non-legally binding texts will be added in an attempt to fool the people. They tried this with the French, they tried with the Dutch, they are trying with the Irish. It's time to put a stop to this bullying.”