Johnson makes drug claim


Athletics: Shamed sprinter Ben Johnson has claimed 40% of sportspeople are using performance-enhancing drugs.

Johnson was stripped of his Olympic gold medal in 1988 and banned for two years after testing positive for anabolic steroid Stanozol.
The Canadian, who was later banned for life after testing positive for a second time, maintains he was a victim of sabotage at the Seoul Olympics.

But he believes nearly half of all sportspeople - from sprinters to baseball players and footballers - are deliberately cheating.

“I am saying 40% of people in sports are still using performance (enhancing drugs),” said Johnson.

“I think that based on past experiences I have had. It is not only track and field, there are soccer players, football players, basketball players, cyclists and you would be surprised that some of the great players are doing stuff.”

The claims were immediately rubbished by British Olympic Association chief executive Simon Clegg, who questioned the motivation behind Johnson's statement.

“I am very disappointed to hear Ben say that and I don't accept the figures,” he said.

“It is totally ridiculous to think a significant number of people involved in high-performance sport are involved in performance enhancing drugs."