Jedward in pole position to land Eurosong success


JEDWARD REMAIN the favourite to win tonight’s Eurosong despite a change in the voting arrangements which ought to favour the other contestants.

Regional juries and the public were to have an equal say on who should represent Ireland in the Eurovision, but the ratio was altered to 2:1 in favour of the juries after Jedward’s song Lipstick was leaked online last week in contravention of competition rules.

The other contestants feared an army of “texting 12-year-old girls”, as one of the artist’s mentors put it, would skew the vote and make them a shoo-in.

Their fan base included three Scottish teenagers who assembled outside the front of RTÉ yesterday for rehearsals before tonight’s contest which takes place on The Late Late Show.

Despite the change, Paddy Power has made the Grimes brothers even hotter favourites to represent Ireland in Dusseldorf on May 12th. Their odds tonight are almost 1/2 to win, in from evens at the start.

The twins were effusive about the song chosen for them by mentor and Childline concert organiser Caroline Downey.

John Grimes said: “I can’t believe we have, like, the opportunity to try and represent Ireland . . . We watch the Eurovision every single year. We’re huge fans.”

Second favourite Nikki Kavanagh said she was “absolutely thrilled” that the voting arrangement had been changed and the contest would not be an exercise in “musical GAA” with Jedward having all the support.

As a backing singer, Kavanagh witnessed Niamh Kavanagh (no relation) finish second last in last year’s Eurovision. She described Falling as “contemporary pop with an urban reference” which will play well in Europe if she can convince voters. “I’m worried that people will stick to the same safe song as they did before.”

Established singer-songwriter Don Mescall said he hoped the strength of his entry Talking with Jenniferwould carry the day. “I would dearly love to represent my country, but I won’t be going for any therapy or counselling afterwards if I don’t,” he said.

Cathy Vard, part of the Vard Sisters trio, said their entry Send Me An Angelhad a message of hope. “It will give comfort to people in these times,” she said.

The other entrant is Bling, a mixed four piece, who will sing Shine On.