Warm and dry weather set to continue into next week

Temperatures have reached 25 degrees in several places as growth improves for farmers

The sunny and warm weather of the last week is set to continue until Thursday at least.

Temperatures have been two-and-a-half to six degrees above normal for the time of year and will remain so over the coming days.

On Sunday it will be warm and sunny across the country with the south and midlands enjoying the best of the temperatures. Highs of 25 degrees are in store in Munster and south Leinster.

Monday will be another very warm day with highs of 24 to 25 degrees in Connacht and Ulster. The temperatures will spark off a few thunderstorms in these areas, but the showers will be localised and not last long.


It will be notably cooler on the east coast, however, with temperatures of 18 degrees.

Tuesday and Wednesday will also be warm with temperatures into the 20s for most of the country.

It will be particularly warm on Tuesday along the south coast with highs of 25 degrees in Cork and Waterford. It will be slightly cooler across the country on Wednesday, but temperatures will still be unseasonably warm with several places reaching 23 degrees.

"The overall story is for dry weather. There might be a few heavy showers on Monday, but the pattern is for dry weather, and it will hold up," said Met Éireann forecaster Gerry Murphy.

Mr Murphy said the warm sunshine and showers will be welcomed by farmers and there has been excellent drying conditions.

The long term forecast shows a low pressure area approaching the country on Thursday bringing more unsettled conditions and more rain, but temperatures will still be above normal into next weekend.

“The last couple of weeks have given us very pleasant and warm weather after the much colder weather earlier in the year,” Mr Murphy said.

“It’s been very good for farmers because it is has led to a notable improvement in grass growth. Soil temperatures had been below average for much of the winter and spring. Growth has improved significantly in recent weeks. Soils have dried out very well to enable good tractability for silage.”

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy

Ronan McGreevy is a news reporter with The Irish Times